Knowing God… and Being Known by God.

Posted by richieg on April 17, 2014
Corner Wisdom

 th  Who Needs Theology?   Disregard the study of God, and you sentence yourself to stumble and blunder through life blindfolded, as it were, with no sense of direction and no understanding of what surrounds you. This way you can waste your life and lose your soul.

On the other hand, is the road to the knowledge about God…

Knowing God involves:   1.  Listening to God’s Word and receiving it as the Holy Spirit interprets it, in application to oneself.   2.  Noting God’s nature and character, as his Word and works reveal it.  3.  Accepting his invitations and doing what he commands.   4.  Recognizing and rejoicing in the love that he has shown in thus approaching you and drawing you into this divine fellowship.

Knowing and Being Known:  What were we made for?  To know God.  What aim should we set ourselves in life?  To know God.  What is the “eternal life” that Jesus gives?  Knowledge of God.   “This is eternal life; that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, who you have sent.  –  John 17:3

J.I. Packer,
Knowing God

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