A Gentle Breeze

Posted by richieg on January 16, 2014

th  Can anyone feel a breeze blowing, ever be it so gentle?  It’s got a uniqueness about it as though it’s not going to get stronger in terms of danger of physical harm or property damage.  It’s ever present as a whisper with a message to be told and we long to grasp it’s origins.  We stand in God’s harvest field and can see a reflection in someone’s eye, that for some reason, reminds us of that gentle breeze; their eyes telling of a yearning of hope, we’re drawn to come close to tell what we know.

We are reminded somewhere inside our being that this yearning is good and soft as a sunset, only to ponder that a sunset will linger long enough to tell of it’s majesty and then suddenly be gone in the twinkling of an eye.  We have no control to bring such majesty back each day and know that the justice of our Creator will decide the next day.

Could this gentle breeze and that look of hope be the calling of our Creator to tell His story this day?  God’s spirit reminds us that we are appointed to be in this place at this time.  But then there is an intruder who battles us to believe this sudden meeting was not planned from above.   We have no control to bring such encounters to return each day and know that the love of our Creator has planned our day.

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