Hope in the Church Age – Hope in the Tribulation

Posted by richieg on December 06, 2013

the-rapture-2011  Lenny was sixty-five at the time of his unique standing on earth.  You see, at this time of Lenny’s life all the believers in Christ have been taken off of the face of the earth.    There are no churches and the Bible has been silenced.  On this day Lenny is standing on the balcony of his condo, with his hands in his pockets. He expresses his thoughts with a sigh as he looks out over the city and it is hustle and bustle as it has always been.  About three years ago strange things happened in the world as millions of people disappeared.  At the time of this event everyone was saying:  “What in the world is going on?”  It has been three years since this event took place and for the first time in modern memory there is excellent leadership in the world and people seemed to settle down and today as never before, the world is beginning to see signs of nations truly coming together to help one another.  And in particular, the nations are very interested in the well being of the nation of Israel.  Aside from a couple of trouble makers, who seem to be invincible, that are sitting outside of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and taunting the worlds new leadership, the news outlets are reporting that harmony in the Middle East is an amazing thing to behold.

Our brother Lenny, who was recently saved as a result of being witnessed to by two young Jewish men, knows the truth.  Yes, the truth is that the King is coming and  “The Rapture” of all believers’ on the earth has occurred.  God had sounded the warning of judgment loudly and clearly.  These warnings have come through prophets in the Old Testament, through New Testament writers, through Jesus Christ Himself and through believers of all ages.  This frightening realization is overwhelming to Lenny, he is living in the Tribulation.  With the exception of Lenny, thousands of new converts, many  who heard the true gospel for the first time in their lives and came to Christ during this time have been rounded up.  They refused to take their government’s special mark of indentification and were destroyed, they were actual martyr’s, they had devotion to their new Christian faith.  Lenny  understands that since the Rapture event it is just about 3 1/2 years.  He knows that all hell is about to break loose on the earth.  Lenny remembers being told by those young Jewish men, who witnessed to him, that Scripture said that during the Tribulation people who repented of their sins and received Jesus Christ could be saved and that Jesus Christ would separate believers from unbelievers at the end of the Tribulation period.

Lenny and the few other believers who are left, stand alone on earth, they are the only flicker of light in the whole world apart from the 144,00 Messianic Jewish evangelists  and they know one thing for sure and that is they will not take any mark from the government.  So, what should they do now?  There isn’t a church anymore and the restraining ministry of the Holy Spirit is gone.  They are alone and there is only one option; any believer who is alive at this time must tell the truth, they must tell what they know to as many people as they can.  They cannot use the media or rent a billboard. Should these believer’s worry about getting their feelings hurt if someone rejects them?  Should they be concerned with building a relationship before sharing the gospel?  Will they be afraid to witness and just hide out?  What these new believers need is courage, they are the only hope to someone who has not heard the preaching of one of the 144,000 Messianic Jews who are God’s prophets.  They know the truth about the call to repentance and of God’s gift of eternal life through the receiving of His Son Jesus Christ.

Today, if you are a believer are you willing to tell what you know?  We live in a free country.  In America freedom is slowly being taken away, but the important thing is we have our freedon now.  Isn’t the message of the gospel the most important message of all?  All around us people are smiling and waving at each other.  They aren’t thinking about their salvation.  If Lenny could be brought back from his predicamant what would he do?  More importantly what are we believers doing today, do we understand that God has placed us at the end of the ages?  Are you afraid of getting your feelings hurt when sharing the gospel?  Have you been working on a relationship and waiting and waiting and waiting……for just the right moment to share what you know?  Or are you just hiding out?  Believers today have an opportunity to tell what we know, we have the hope of the gospel of God’s grace.

Note: Lenny and other persectuted Christians living in the Tribulation period were very fortunate because, during the Tribulation, they heard the Messianic Jewish men preaching and calling people to repent and to receive Jesus Christ and they had never taken the mark of the beast, they heard and believed in the Gospel of the Kingdom when it was preached to them by one of the 144,000 Messianic Jewish men selected by God to evangelize around the globe.  Those who have taken the mark of the beast in the Tribulation will be lost.  (Revelation 14:9-11.)

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