Touching Base With God

Posted by richieg on November 30, 2013
Corner Wisdom

th  Touching base with God on a daily basis brings contact between the Creator and the created, a daunting thought indeed.  This contact brings a perception of things not seen, a meaning to our passing years, and an understanding that we can actually touch created things that mankind is totally incapable of creating himself; such as another human being, the beauty of flowers, the power of the oceans and the majesty of the heavens.  Touching base with God develops a relationship that has eternal effects that are spread out over our entire lifetimes.  Now these results are not meant to complicate God’s plans for our lives, but as our lives branch out and develop we find that problems arise and challenges present themselves.  It is at this point in our lives that we must find absolute truth that will be our guiding force.  This absolute truth is found in Christ, who lived on this earth just like us.

Whether we are young or old it is important to look at our lives as an evolving creation of God that has meaning and a plan for existence.  When we acknowledge God in our lives and desire to learn about Him then the Holy Spirit moves in to reveal the natural law of God’s  wisdom that takes hold of our heart, mind and soul.   And where does this lead us…to God’s Word where absolute truth provides warnings and instructions on how to live life that is pleasing to our Creator, and if our lives are pleasing to God then we find the purpose of our life.  Because that’s how God created each human being, that we should be close to Him by trusting in His Word as a guide for our lives.

Trusting in God’s Son  Jesus brings us in harmony with God, builds relationships with other true believers’ and this unity of believers’ further establishes our relationship with God.  With this foundation in place God then opens doors to use this body of Christ, with our God given specific talents God call’s each believer in a unique and powerful way.  Watching each believer grow in Christ is like watching the four seasons growing and expanding each year in brilliant color and power.  It’s kinda like our life in Heaven will be; ever growing, ever expanding in brilliance through the power of our Lord and King.

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