Fruitful Conversations

Posted by richieg on November 15, 2013

Is God doing things we have no idea about behind the scenes in the lives of the people we meet every day?

thCASUY5H3  Bobbie V.  –  As Bobbie was walking by the Prayer Station she stopped to inquire about the ministry.  In conversation with Bobbie she said that she was from Staten Island and was in town today to visit with her son who is the director of the local Opera House.  She was asked if there was something that she would like prayer for and she replied:  “Well, not for me, but would please pray for my niece (Amelia) that there would not be complications in her pregnancy and that Amelia would trust God, because God knows what would be best for her.” We prayed together in the name of Jesus for Bobbie’s prayer request.

After praying with Bobbie, she was asked:  “Have you come to a point in your spiritual life that if you died today, you know that you would go to heaven?”  Bobbie responded by saying that she did believe that she would be in heaven.  She was then asked why she believed she would be in heaven, and this is what she said:  “Because God is good and God knows I want the promises of God and I want to be with my family in heaven and I believe God always knows the right thing to do.”  At this point the Scripture’s were opened and the purpose of God’s law was shared with Bobbie (Romand 3:20 and Galatians 3:24), which teach  that God’s law brings knowledge of sin and that the ultimate purpose of God’s law is faith in Christ.  The gospel of God’s grace was then presented to Bobbie and after hearing she said that she had to continue on her way and said she was very thankful for our conversation, and then she  said: “You have given me something to think about”.  Bobbie was encouraged to seek God in prayer and He would speak to her and lead her.

God’s eye is always on us.  Had God been preparing Bobbie to hear the gospel and did he sovereignly arrange the circumstances in her life to set the stage for this conversation with her about Jesus?  What if God desires to send people across your path today, so you can speak the gospel to someone, to change their life forever?

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