The Lost Key

Posted by richieg on November 06, 2013
Unmerited Favor

thCAVEY2AH  Have you ever thought, “There must be a key to reaching the lost?” There is – and it’s rusty due to lack of use. Much of the Church still doesn’t even know if it exists. Not only is it biblical, but it can be shown through history that the Church used it to unlock the doors of revival. The problem is that it was lost around the turn of the twentieth century. Keys have a way of getting lost.

Jesus used the key to open up a rich ruler’s heart and saw that he wasn’t ready to let go. Paul used the key to persuade sinners concerning Jesus and Timothy used that same key on all kinds of people. James had that key as well and Stephen used the key when he preached.  The key is used throughout the entire Bible.

Jesus said the lawyers should have been teaching the people about this key because it would have opened up the knowledge for the people to recognize that their most important need was to open up the “Door of Salvation.” Oh, and by the way, Satan will do anything to keep the Church from using the key.

You know, there have been stories even in our time that this key has been found by some people. Not long ago I was standing on the street corner talking with some friends and a stranger stopped by to ask for directions to a church that gives out free food to people in need. This man was asked if he was bringing food to these people and he replied that he was bringing the key to eternal life to anyone who would listen. This person told stories of how people were accepting the invitation of Jesus to follow him and how they were repenting of their sins.  He said the key is God’s law which brings the knowledge of sin and prepares the way for the gospel.

This encounter got me thinking about my own life and the necessity of repentance for sinning against God.   But could I let go, could I change?  Did I really understand God’s grace and was I ready to count the cost of following Christ? To me it was far more than saying a simple prayer, it was a leap in the dark.  I remembered reading in the Bible about the narrow road and that the way of Jesus was hard to follow and there would be pressure and pain. But I knew one thing for sure – I could not continue to live knowing that I was truly a sinner and separated from God.  If I refused to repent of my sins and  live by faith I knew I would miss out on experiencing real life.

The Apostle Paul said the Law was given; “That every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God” (Romans 3:19).  The Law stops every man’s mouth. I can always tell a man who is near the kingdom of God; his mouth is stopped.  This then, is why God gives us the Law, to show us ourselves in our true colors.”  D.L. Moody.

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