Separation of Church & Church

Posted by richieg on October 09, 2013

th  The Street Corner was abuzz about current events and whose responsibility is whose and what should this group do and what should that group do.   The conversation eventually drifted to the role of the church in the community.  There are those who believe that the church today is doing the best it can to help all people, but there were those who believe the church to be canny and careful, which is to say a bit overly cautious.  Others believe that the church is wishy-washy.  But what resonated within the conversation was the mention of the church as being nothing more than folderol, something that is just showy with no real worth, kinda like cheap jewelry.  It was then noted that most people are concerned with doing what is right in their own eyes anyway.

In an attempt to get to the root of these opinions it was inquired what everyone thought the strength of the church is and how the church could be more effective in the community.  One opinion of particular note was the mention that the church has to take itself seriously and understand the power God has given it.  This insight brought out the fact that the Bible says the church is to continue the work of Christ on earth by preaching the gospel and declaring God’s will to mankind.  It was said that the strength of this call could be more effective if the churches had more unity.

A conversation developed about what the churches strategy should be.  An interesting view was mentioned that whenever church people are doing something in the community they themselves and others, always  ask the question “what church are you from,” instead of the central point of the deed at hand.  This idea was expanded on by the agreement that unity, wherever it is found, is a key ingredient to success.  It was then asked why the churches usually stay apart from one another, instead of working more closely as a single unit, and the point was made that the church is actually “the body of Christ,” which is all believers’.

The most important issue of all was then brought into focus.  The issues of the churches is not an internal issue but rather, a question of the existence of Christianity in our community and our country.  This insight brought to light the paramount concern then is reaching the lost.  If the churches would be joined in unity for this common purpose, then the effect in the community will be that of the power of the influence of the Holy Spirit working in the lives of people.  Then we would all see God at work in our community and our country.  This is the mission many churches have sorely neglected.  Instead of seeking to externalize the gospel they have hidden their lights under a basket.  But its not too late!  Joining of the churches makes for a true community.

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