The Two Witnesses: And You & Me!

Posted by richieg on September 21, 2013
Unmerited Favor

th  The two most colorful characters in Bible history burst onto the scene during the first half of the Tribulation.  God will demonstrate His love, mighty power and existence through these two prophets, they will possess supernatural abilities and dispense astonishing miracles.  They proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom (the King and the Kingdom is coming) so that there will be one last chance for people to be saved. Out of their powerful preaching, almost immediately, they will have a response by the 144,000 Jewish men that are spoken of in Revelation Chapter Seven.  Their ministry will be to Israel as well as the entire world.

At that time, the age of Grace has ended and the Church is gone.  A person will no longer have the opportunity to join a local congregation.  But rather these 144,000 will be telling the world that the King is coming.  God had prepared the Nation of Israel for the role of being the missionary to all nations but they dropped the ball and God turned to the Gentiles through the Apostle Paul without using the Nation of Israel.  God now lets these 144,000 Jews at least get a taste of what the Nation of Israel missed.  This 144,000 will see a multitude come to a knowledge of salvation through their ministry (Revelation 7:9.)

But how about You and Me?  Did you ever ponder the fact that believers today are colorful characters in Bible history?  When we became Christians we burst onto the scene as person’s filled with God’s Holy Spirit, people who are empowered with supernatural abillities to be witnesses of the gospel of God’s grace.   Believers’ today can be mirror images of those two  witnesses in our culture today.  Out of our life change and our involvement in local and foreign ministries we can make a difference and people at home and around the world can come to the knowledge of the gospel of God’s grace.

Christians today are no different than the two witnesses because we are chosen by God to be a witness for Him in our time and culture today.  When we became Christians we were transformed into powerful, colorful, Spirit filled ambassadors for Christ with enormous opportunity of being soul winners in God’s great harvest in our time!  Let us not drop the ball and repeat that part of history.

       God will raise two prophets from the dead  –  God has already raised believers from the dead.

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