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Posted by richieg on September 11, 2013
Corner Wisdom

thCAJSB6AG  Jesus’ appearances after his resurrection:  To Mary Magdalene, to women returning from the tomb, to Peter later in the day, to Emmaus disciples, to the apostles without Thomas present, to the seven by the Lake of Tiberias, to the multitude of over 500 believers on a Galilean mountain, to James, to the eleven, to a group of disciples at the ascension, to Paul, to Stephen, to Paul in the temple and to John on Patmos.

We have all this information about Jesus’ resurrection and stories about heaven and the afterlife fill God’s Word, and just what are we, as believers, to do with this information?  There has been some discussion of this on the street corner.  It seems that people get overwhelmed as to what they think their mission should be in serving God and telling the good news of His Son Jesus.  The talk centered on the fact that Satan likes to convince people that it’s the churches job to preach and our job to give some money to the church and help out at the church once in a while.  This is the way Satan keeps us off the streets and out of peoples lives. 

The key point of this street corner conversation was the fact that it’s not what we do for God, but what He does through us that brings Him glory.  We agreed to focus on just one thing, and that would be to “serve others.”  We decided that we would simply pray to God and share with him that we would like to be of service to people.  We are going to leave it in God’s hands as we believe that God will speak to each of us in His Word, in our thoughts and in our dreams.  We decided to meet back on this street corner in two weeks and share what God has been saying to each one of us about how we can serve others.  The most important thing is that we “just want to do something.”

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