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Posted by richieg on July 05, 2013
Corner Wisdom

k8329106 Isn’t it true that we wonder how it is that Jesus knew every feeling that people go through in life.  The ups and downs, the good and bad, the highs and lows, and all the heartaches and emotions that life brings to our earthly walk.  Well, I just say I believe everything Jesus said in the Bible by faith and leave it at that  –  but wait a minute  –  when Jesus was born he was born just like the rest of humanity and he grew up just like the rest of us.  He had a mom and dad and when he grew up he worked as a carpenter.

So, this is why God’s Word clearly tells us that Jesus understood what joy and suffering really were, because he experienced real life just like all people.   Jesus was always God and the only perfect man but he didn’t receive the power from above until he was baptized by John the Baptist.  When Jesus was baptized it was then that he received the power of the Holy Spirit.   God’s Word also teaches mankind that we too can receive His power from above, the power of His Holy Spirit, when we believe in the gospel of God’s grace.

After Jesus’ death and resurrection, He tells His disciples to stay in Jerusalem and wait for the Holy Spirit.  God’s Word tells of the amazing work in those who believe in the gospel of God’s grace, they are indwelled with the Holy Spirit.  Once we are indwelled with God’s Spirit we can pray to God daily to be filled with His Spirit and receive power from above to walk daily and receive Spirit-enabled ability to put our sin to death and the ability to handle all of life’s curves through Him.  For some reason, many feel they don’t need the daily filling of the Holy Spirit.  Remember, Jesus told his disciples to go to Jerusalem and wait to receive power from above   Without Holy Spirit power, when life’s curves come, then life can be very difficult indeed.

Lord Jesus, I realize my own weakness and inability to walk daily in the fullness of the fruit of the Spirit.  Lord, by believing in you,  I know that I am saved and that you have placed me into the body of Christ and I know  I have a unique place in your family.  I now pray that You fill me with your Spirit.  It is my desire that your Spirit descend on me so that I may experience power from on high.  I want to be empowered to walk in love right now in the place and time in which you have placed me.  Amen.

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