One More Revival

Posted by richieg on July 30, 2013

“Sodom’s sins were pride, gluttony, and laziness, while the poor and needy suffered outside her door.  She was proud and committed detestable sins, so I wiped her out, as you have seen.”   –  Ezekiel 16:49-60

Billy Graham recalls a time when his wife Ruth, commenting on the downward spiral of morality in our nation, exclaimed, “If God doesn’t punish America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

America:  The country who’s people expect “entitlement.”

“Entertain us. It’s all about us.”   

I believe that our nation has two choices before us:  One is judgment.  The other is revival.  Judgment is coming, that is clear.  But my prayer is there will be at least one more revival before this happens, so we can cry out to God in prayer and reach as many as we possibly can with the Gospel.     (Greg Lourie)

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