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Posted by richieg on July 26, 2016

A serviceman arrives to make repairs on a believer’s garage door.  After completing the work the repairman (Ron)  is asked if he believes in God to which he replies:  “Yes, I believe in God.”  Ron agrees to listen to one more question and he is asked:  “Do you believe that you will go to heaven or hell when you die, and why?” Ron answers by saying: “I’m not sure but I think heaven because I have been trying to be a good person and have forgiveness in my heart and because recently I had an encounter with God.  I had this dream, not long ago, that really shook me up.  I dreamed that I died and I was standing at the gates of heaven, the dream was so real, I remember it perfectly.  As I was standing there a voice said I would not be allowed into heaven but that I would be sent back to earth.  I awoke and sweat poured from me and I knew what I had seen and heard were real.

I shared the dream with my wife the next day and then went to work and thought about the dream all day. When I arrived home my wife showed me a letter she had received that day.  It was from Social Security advising her that since her husband had died that she would have to forward the death certificate and have her Social Security status updated.  We were stunned by this letter as we pondered my dream.  It took us a few days to do the paperwork verifying that I was not dead.  And now, today, I am having this conversation about my assurance of heaven.”

At this point Ron was asked of it could be shared with him what the Bible says about eternal life, to which he agreed to listen.  The Ten Commandments were presented to Ron and he was asked if he believed that he was a sinner and had he broken God’s law.  Ron said he knew he was a sinner but has been trying his best to be a good person, especially since the dream.  It was explained to Ron that the Bible teaches that the purpose of God’s law is to bring knowledge of our own sin and to stop a person from proclaiming their own goodness.  Romans 3:20 and Galatians 3:24 were shared and that a new spiritual birth is essential for sinners to enter heaven, John 3:3 was then presented.  Ron then listened as the gospel of God’s grace was shared with him.  Ron was encouraged to get right with God.  Before leaving it was noticed that Ron was limping and was wearing an ace bandage on his right knee.  He was asked if a prayer of healing could be prayed for healing of his knee and he agreed.  He than said that he has been suffering with pain for some time and the next day he was going to the doctor to determine what has to be done.  A hand was placed on Ron’s knee and a prayer of healing was raised up to God in the name of Jesus.   Ron was thankful for the prayer and our encounter came to an end.

Several months later service was again needed on the garage door.  It was Ron who responded again.  After a quick determination of the cause of the problem Ron made adjustments for the door to work properly.  Before leaving it was said to Ron:  “I see that your not wearing an ace bandage on your knee and your walking fine.”  Ron responded:  “That’s right when I was here the last time I remember telling you I was going to the doctor the next day and at that visit the doctor took x-rays and said that my knee had begun to heal, he was very surprised.”  A friend of mine said  the rosary for me but I forgot about you praying over my knee until now.”   Ron was reminded that the prayer was a prayer to God for healing in the name of His Son  Jesus.

If you have placed your faith in Jesus Christ for salvation then it is most important for you to get to know Him. The real issue is knowing Jesus.  Jesus Christ is the One who said, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”  –  John 10:10

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