Divine encounter….

Posted by richieg on June 15, 2016

Due to a morning appointment being canceled it is decided that a stop for coffee would fit nicely.  After leaving the coffee shop and arriving at the next appointment, a parking space, one of only two available was located.  It was cold outside and a decision was made to stay in the car for a few minutes to organize paper work and to pray for God’s blessing on the day.

Then, a tap on the window, and a young woman was standing there and she said:  “Sir, I’m sorry to bother you but my car is making a terrible sound and I am afraid to drive it to the dealer, it is a new car, could you listen to the sound and tell me if it is too dangerous to drive.”  Got out of car and walked a few feet to the car, where the woman’s mother was standing.  The woman got into her car and started and revved the engine. The exhaust pipe appeared loose and made a vibration sound at the rear of the car.  She was assured that her car was safe to drive.

Before departing this encounter we introduced ourselves to one another.  They were mother and daughter, the mom (Lois) and her daughter Gladys, the owner of the car.  They were asked if a spiritual question might be asked of them and they both agreed to listen.  They were asked if they believed in God and did they believe that they would be in heaven one day.  They both answered that they believed in God and did believe that they would be in heaven one day.

They were then asked why they believed this and they both agreed that they have tried to live a good life. Scripture was shared from Ephesians 2:8-9 which teaches that eternal life is a gift from God and no one can earn salvation by their own good works.  They both agreed to listen as the gospel of God’s grace was shared with them.

After listening to the truth of God’s Word, Gladys was asked if she believed in divine encounters from God and she clutched her hands together and as tears filled her eyes she said:  “Yes, I do and I know what is happening now, I’m beginning to shake all over and I know that God is talking to me.”  It was explained to Lois and Gladys that it is the Spirit of God who awakens a person to the truth of the gift of eternal life and we are a witness to what God is now doing.  Gladys then said: “Yes, I believe what I have heard is from God.”

These women were encouraged to get right with God by praying and sharing with God what they believe about His Son Jesus Christ.  Both were very thankful and said they believed that God was speaking to them.  Would all who read this Holy Spirit encounter please pray for Gladys and Lois.

Our faith is initiated by the Spirit of God.  It is no accident, but an act of God which had its place in an eternal plan to bless us with the free gift of salvation from sin.

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