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Posted by richieg on December 13, 2015

 DSCN0144 The world is not used to seeing God’s people act unexpectedly.  So when Christians stand on the beach alongside the Cross of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with the American flag and the Israel flag flying together, some stop by and are a little confused and others come by and know the importance of standing for our faith, standing for our country and remembering our friends in Israel.

God opened the door and we shared with more than 80 people about what God’s Word says as to how we are to live.  All who stopped by accepted our body of Christ “Pray For America” gospel tract that included a message about the only one Light of the World, the one Hope of Mankind and the message included the gospel of God’s grace and focused on the shed blood of Jesus Christ as sufficient to save a sinner.

All who stopped by offered words of encouragement, some took pictures of the cross and they continued on.  But others, who desired to go deeper in conversation, such as George and his son George, Jr. stopped and inquired of the ministry.  George said: “I was watching as the Cross was raised and then the two flags and I said to my son that we must go over there and see what this is about.”  The need for “Prayer for America” was shared with these two men and then George held his son’s arm and said: “Son, look at that Cross and those flags, this is America, a free country, do you understand that I took you out of Cuba so we would be free, we are free son, do you see now?”  Georges son did not speak very good English and his dad read the gospel tract to him and they thanked God for America.  As the men were departing George said: “Thank you for standing for God, for America and for Israel, this was a very meaningful experience for me and my son so see”.

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