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Mobile Home Park Outreach

Posted by richieg on June 25, 2016
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DSCN0562  At a time when our nation is declining in so many ways, and spiritual darkness seems to be growing, the light of Jesus Christ can shine when believers reach out to our neighbors and provide and serve them in a natural and simple way.  Out faith grows by helping others and we can be part of bringing about a great spiritual harvest.

We had a good turn out at the Mobile Home Park Outreach last evening as we slowly build friendship with the residents.  Hot Dogs, Chips, Cookies, Chilled Water & Gatorade were enjoyed by all and a table with children’s tee shirts and also some toys were available for our neighbors.

A new couple joined in the outreach and also a gentleman who we met at a Starbucks and invited to the outreach.  All speak Spanish!  Tell me God doesn’t know what He is doing!  Eight in all joined in serving our neighbors. We ask that all who read about what God is doing here will pray for this outreach and may the love of Christ penetrate the hearts of all whom we serve.

Divine encounter….

Posted by richieg on June 15, 2016
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Due to a morning appointment being canceled it is decided that a stop for coffee would fit nicely.  After leaving the coffee shop and arriving at the next appointment, a parking space, one of only two available was located.  It was cold outside and a decision was made to stay in the car for a few minutes to organize paper work and to pray for God’s blessing on the day.

Then, a tap on the window, and a young woman was standing there and she said:  “Sir, I’m sorry to bother you but my car is making a terrible sound and I am afraid to drive it to the dealer, it is a new car, could you listen to the sound and tell me if it is too dangerous to drive.”  Got out of car and walked a few feet to the car, where the woman’s mother was standing.  The woman got into her car and started and revved the engine. The exhaust pipe appeared loose and made a vibration sound at the rear of the car.  She was assured that her car was safe to drive.

Before departing this encounter we introduced ourselves to one another.  They were mother and daughter, the mom (Lois) and her daughter Gladys, the owner of the car.  They were asked if a spiritual question might be asked of them and they both agreed to listen.  They were asked if they believed in God and did they believe that they would be in heaven one day.  They both answered that they believed in God and did believe that they would be in heaven one day.

They were then asked why they believed this and they both agreed that they have tried to live a good life. Scripture was shared from Ephesians 2:8-9 which teaches that eternal life is a gift from God and no one can earn salvation by their own good works.  They both agreed to listen as the gospel of God’s grace was shared with them.

After listening to the truth of God’s Word, Gladys was asked if she believed in divine encounters from God and she clutched her hands together and as tears filled her eyes she said:  “Yes, I do and I know what is happening now, I’m beginning to shake all over and I know that God is talking to me.”  It was explained to Lois and Gladys that it is the Spirit of God who awakens a person to the truth of the gift of eternal life and we are a witness to what God is now doing.  Gladys then said: “Yes, I believe what I have heard is from God.”

These women were encouraged to get right with God by praying and sharing with God what they believe about His Son Jesus Christ.  Both were very thankful and said they believed that God was speaking to them.  Would all who read this Holy Spirit encounter please pray for Gladys and Lois.

Our faith is initiated by the Spirit of God.  It is no accident, but an act of God which had its place in an eternal plan to bless us with the free gift of salvation from sin.

The Holy Spirit…out of nowhere!

Posted by richieg on June 11, 2016
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th  Stopped at the grocery store  to purchase some cold cuts and loaded the cart up with 25 pounds of bologna and continued shopping.   A woman walked over to my cart and asked: ‘May I ask if that bologna is for you?”  No it is not was the reply, the bologna is for a ministry that a few Christians friends are part of, the ministry is the  “Sandwich Ministry” and  sandwiches are provided for the homeless and people in need.

She said: “What a wonderful thing to do.”  A conversation developed and she said that her name was Charlotte and that she was a retired school teacher from New England and that she is a Catholic.  She was asked if she believed that she was going to heaven and she responded by saying: “I hope so, I pray to the saints and to the blessed Virgin Mary and not long ago I visited Lourdes in France and as I walked up to the statue of the “Lady of Lourdes” I felt myself feeling so good.”  It was mentioned to Charlotte that the Bible teaches that we are not to honor man but God and although a person may admire people, including the Lady of Lourdes and people called saints that they are just people and our praise and worship should be to God alone.

Charlotte was asked if she ever told a lie, did she ever steal anything, had she ever been disobedient to her parents or did she ever take God’s name in vain.  She responded by saying: “I don’t ever remember being disobedient to my parents but I am guilty of the others”.  Charlotte was then asked if God were to judge her by His law did she believe that she would be innocent or guilty.  She said that she believed she would be found guilty.  It was then said to her that the Bible teaches that we all have sinned and did she know that there is nothing anyone can do to wash their sins away and Jesus himself said that no one can come to the Father except through Him and that unless a person is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

Charlotte then asked: “How can I be born again?”  It was said to her the the Scriptures teach that we must repent of our sins before God and believe that God’s Son Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins and that Jesus was buried and that God raised Jesus from the dead.  Charlotte moved her shopping cart over to be out of people’s way and as she put her hand over her heart tears began to roll down her face and she said: “Can I pray now?

Other shoppers now gathered their shopping carts around Charlotte’s and Scripture was quoted to her from Romans 10:9-10:  “That if you confess with your mouth, Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”  We bowed our heads in that grocery store and Charlotte prayed out loud the salvation prayer:   “O God I am a sinner, I ask that you forgive my sins, and God I want to share with You that I believe your Son Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for my sins and I believe You raised Jesus from the dead.  I now place my trust in Jesus and receive Him as my Savior and Lord. Amen.”

Charlotte was broken and as tears filled her eyes she said that she was so thankful.  We talked for a moment and praised God that he had our paths cross this day so that she could hear the truth of God’s Word.  We said good bye and it was promised that our body of Christ would be praying for her and she was reminded to pray to God that he would fill her each day with His Holy Spirit.

For all who read this encounter, would you please pray for Charlotte, and if you are not sure about where you will spend eternity, you can pray right now and receive Jesus as your Savior and Lord.  Remember God has brought you across this story because he loves you and God’s desire is for you to believe in His Son Jesus so that you too can be with God in his heaven.

God knows our every need….

Posted by richieg on June 07, 2016
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e50b1b1aed37c18ad8cf6ce9058d8c0b  While at the airport a traveler stops for coffee, and after paying, a gospel tract is offered to the man serving behind the counter.  The man reaches out and says: “Yes, I would like that tract; you know today is the anniversary of my mom’s passing and I have been thinking about how much I miss her all day today and if I will see her in heaven, and now you come by to offer me this message.”

He slips the gospel tract into his pocket and then says: “When I get home I will read this, I believe this message is from God, just for me.  Thank you very much, you have lifted me up today.”