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C & E People

Posted by richieg on April 22, 2014
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th  The Holy Spirit opened the door to an untapped harvesting location.  These locations are churches, where “C & E People” attend church twice a year on Christmas and Easter.   Imagine that, actually witnessing at a church service!  You would think that at church there would be no need for sharing the good news of Jesus with someone or slipping a gospel tract to someone.

The Holy Spirit provided an amazing prompting, and here’s how it happened:  While attending an Easter Sunrise Service, that was held outdoors.   I got out of my car and walked to the rear of my car and grabbed a chair out of the back of the car.  And then it happened, the Holy Spirit prompted me to take along two gospel tracts;  hesitating for a second and not figuring out why the need for gospel tracts because all the people were going to be in a church service.  But knowing that this wasn’t my idea,  I reached back into my car and put two gospel tracks into my shirt pocket.

Walking to a grassy area to set my chair, I was reminded that the tracts would be for the people who would sit next to me.  No one sat close to me until after the service started but then a couple and a middle aged gentleman appeared and sat close to me on either side.  As the service came to a close there was still doubt about how to offer the gospel tracts, because it just seemed too awkward.

I stood up and then leaned over and folded my chair and as I put the strap on my shoulder there was unintentional direct eye contact with the gentleman who was on my right, he smiled and almost automatically I reached into my shirt pocket and took out one of the gospel tracts and asked him if he would accept the tract, he was smiling and said: “Yes, I would” and he reached out and took the tract and then turning from him to leave and I turned right into the woman who had been on my left and she looked right at me and again just reaching into my pocket  that second tract was pulled out and offered to her and she said: “Sure.”  She reached out for the tract and then thanked me.  The encounters were over in what seemed like a flash and I was on my way, Never looking back, I knew everything was in the hands of the Holy Spirit.

Knowing God… and Being Known by God.

Posted by richieg on April 17, 2014
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 th  Who Needs Theology?   Disregard the study of God, and you sentence yourself to stumble and blunder through life blindfolded, as it were, with no sense of direction and no understanding of what surrounds you. This way you can waste your life and lose your soul.

On the other hand, is the road to the knowledge about God…

Knowing God involves:   1.  Listening to God’s Word and receiving it as the Holy Spirit interprets it, in application to oneself.   2.  Noting God’s nature and character, as his Word and works reveal it.  3.  Accepting his invitations and doing what he commands.   4.  Recognizing and rejoicing in the love that he has shown in thus approaching you and drawing you into this divine fellowship.

Knowing and Being Known:  What were we made for?  To know God.  What aim should we set ourselves in life?  To know God.  What is the “eternal life” that Jesus gives?  Knowledge of God.   “This is eternal life; that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, who you have sent.  –  John 17:3

J.I. Packer,
Knowing God

Association & Obedience = Doing Something.

Posted by richieg on April 02, 2014
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th  If the believer really wants to understand God’s purpose for their lives it seems to be understood quite easily that prayer and Bible study are essential in this pursuit.  But knowledge alone will just be reckless, unless the believer is associated with men and woman who carry an anointing in their lives for the miraculous.  Such an anointing can be transferred to others through the laying on of hands and petitioning God, in the Name of Jesus, to be filled with power from above.

King David was known for killing Goliath in His youth.  Yet there are at least four other giants killed in Scripture–all killed by men who followed David, the giant killer.  If you want to kill giants, hang around a giant killer.  It rubs off.  If you hang around an evangelist, you will think evangelistically.  The same happens when we associate with those who regularly experience signs and wonders in their lives

Now about obedience, the real issue.  No matter how much preparation is done to increase knowledge or increase the anointing for miracles in life, it never comes to fruition without obedience.  The believer must have a plan to look for people in order to pray for them; this plan comes from above.  And continue to look for people to minister to, there out there!  The more people we come in contact with, the more God’s good news can make an impact.  Until the believer acts on what they know, their knowledge in nothing more than theory.