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Touching Base With God

Posted by richieg on November 30, 2013
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th  Touching base with God on a daily basis brings contact between the Creator and the created, a daunting thought indeed.  This contact brings a perception of things not seen, a meaning to our passing years, and an understanding that we can actually touch created things that mankind is totally incapable of creating himself; such as another human being, the beauty of flowers, the power of the oceans and the majesty of the heavens.  Touching base with God develops a relationship that has eternal effects that are spread out over our entire lifetimes.  Now these results are not meant to complicate God’s plans for our lives, but as our lives branch out and develop we find that problems arise and challenges present themselves.  It is at this point in our lives that we must find absolute truth that will be our guiding force.  This absolute truth is found in Christ, who lived on this earth just like us.

Whether we are young or old it is important to look at our lives as an evolving creation of God that has meaning and a plan for existence.  When we acknowledge God in our lives and desire to learn about Him then the Holy Spirit moves in to reveal the natural law of God’s  wisdom that takes hold of our heart, mind and soul.   And where does this lead us…to God’s Word where absolute truth provides warnings and instructions on how to live life that is pleasing to our Creator, and if our lives are pleasing to God then we find the purpose of our life.  Because that’s how God created each human being, that we should be close to Him by trusting in His Word as a guide for our lives.

Trusting in God’s Son  Jesus brings us in harmony with God, builds relationships with other true believers’ and this unity of believers’ further establishes our relationship with God.  With this foundation in place God then opens doors to use this body of Christ, with our God given specific talents God call’s each believer in a unique and powerful way.  Watching each believer grow in Christ is like watching the four seasons growing and expanding each year in brilliant color and power.  It’s kinda like our life in Heaven will be; ever growing, ever expanding in brilliance through the power of our Lord and King.

Resurrected learning & Heaven’s books….

Posted by richieg on November 21, 2013
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thCAAF5P02  I  was shocked, confused, bewildered as I entered Heaven’s door, not by the beauty of it all, nor by the lights or decor.  But it was the folks in heaven who made me sputter and gasp.  I mean the thieves, the liars, the sinners, the alcoholics and the trash.  There stood a kid from seventh grade who swiped my lunch money twice.  Next to him was my old neighbor who never said anything nice.  Herb, who I always thought was rotting away in hell was sitting pretty on cloud nine, looking incredibly well.

I nudged Jesus, and said: “What’s the deal?  I would love to hear your take, how’d all these sinners get up here? God must have made a mistake.  And why’s everyone so quiet, so somber – give me a clue.”   “Hush, son,”  He said, “they’re all in shock.  No one thought they’d be seeing you.”

Many of us have read this little story before, but it’s really profound when we ponder what God has in store for Christians when we get to heaven.  In Randy Alcorn’s book entitled “Heaven” He put it this way about learning in Heaven:  ” When we enter Heaven, we’ll presumably begin with knowledge we had at the time of our death.  God may enhance our knowledge and will correct countless wrong perceptions, and then set us on a course of continual learning.  Once we’re in resurrection bodies with resurrected brains, our capacity to learn may increase.   Just think about how much more we will discover about God.”

Will we find books in Heaven?  We know that sixty-six books, those that comprise the Bible, will be in Heaven, “Your Word, O Lord, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens” (Psalm 119:89).   There is the Book of Life which contains the documentation of everything ever done by anyone on earth (Revelation 20:12).   Found in the Book of  Malachi there is a remarkable passage that tells us God documants the faithful deeds of his children on Earth (Malachi 3:16-18).

While some people take these books figuratively, to represent God’s omniceience, we should not assume these aren’t real books.  God makes a permanent record so that the entire universe will one day know his justification for rewarding the righteous and punishing the wicked.  God is watching, He is keeping track.  In Heaven he’ll reward us for our acts of faithfulness to him, right down to every cup of cold water we’ve given to the needy in his name (Mark 9:41).  And he’s making a permanent record in Heaven’s books.  –  Randy Alcorn

What we do now is not discarded once we enter eternity.  What we learn now is not erased in Heaven….What we experience in joy and understanding and insight now is not destroyed, but is the foundation on which all our eternal experience and growth is based.  –  Sam Storms

Fruitful Conversations

Posted by richieg on November 15, 2013
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Is God doing things we have no idea about behind the scenes in the lives of the people we meet every day?

thCASUY5H3  Bobbie V.  –  As Bobbie was walking by the Prayer Station she stopped to inquire about the ministry.  In conversation with Bobbie she said that she was from Staten Island and was in town today to visit with her son who is the director of the local Opera House.  She was asked if there was something that she would like prayer for and she replied:  “Well, not for me, but would please pray for my niece (Amelia) that there would not be complications in her pregnancy and that Amelia would trust God, because God knows what would be best for her.” We prayed together in the name of Jesus for Bobbie’s prayer request.

After praying with Bobbie, she was asked:  “Have you come to a point in your spiritual life that if you died today, you know that you would go to heaven?”  Bobbie responded by saying that she did believe that she would be in heaven.  She was then asked why she believed she would be in heaven, and this is what she said:  “Because God is good and God knows I want the promises of God and I want to be with my family in heaven and I believe God always knows the right thing to do.”  At this point the Scripture’s were opened and the purpose of God’s law was shared with Bobbie (Romand 3:20 and Galatians 3:24), which teach  that God’s law brings knowledge of sin and that the ultimate purpose of God’s law is faith in Christ.  The gospel of God’s grace was then presented to Bobbie and after hearing she said that she had to continue on her way and said she was very thankful for our conversation, and then she  said: “You have given me something to think about”.  Bobbie was encouraged to seek God in prayer and He would speak to her and lead her.

God’s eye is always on us.  Had God been preparing Bobbie to hear the gospel and did he sovereignly arrange the circumstances in her life to set the stage for this conversation with her about Jesus?  What if God desires to send people across your path today, so you can speak the gospel to someone, to change their life forever?

The Lost Key

Posted by richieg on November 06, 2013
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thCAVEY2AH  Have you ever thought, “There must be a key to reaching the lost?” There is – and it’s rusty due to lack of use. Much of the Church still doesn’t even know if it exists. Not only is it biblical, but it can be shown through history that the Church used it to unlock the doors of revival. The problem is that it was lost around the turn of the twentieth century. Keys have a way of getting lost.

Jesus used the key to open up a rich ruler’s heart and saw that he wasn’t ready to let go. Paul used the key to persuade sinners concerning Jesus and Timothy used that same key on all kinds of people. James had that key as well and Stephen used the key when he preached.  The key is used throughout the entire Bible.

Jesus said the lawyers should have been teaching the people about this key because it would have opened up the knowledge for the people to recognize that their most important need was to open up the “Door of Salvation.” Oh, and by the way, Satan will do anything to keep the Church from using the key.

You know, there have been stories even in our time that this key has been found by some people. Not long ago I was standing on the street corner talking with some friends and a stranger stopped by to ask for directions to a church that gives out free food to people in need. This man was asked if he was bringing food to these people and he replied that he was bringing the key to eternal life to anyone who would listen. This person told stories of how people were accepting the invitation of Jesus to follow him and how they were repenting of their sins.  He said the key is God’s law which brings the knowledge of sin and prepares the way for the gospel.

This encounter got me thinking about my own life and the necessity of repentance for sinning against God.   But could I let go, could I change?  Did I really understand God’s grace and was I ready to count the cost of following Christ? To me it was far more than saying a simple prayer, it was a leap in the dark.  I remembered reading in the Bible about the narrow road and that the way of Jesus was hard to follow and there would be pressure and pain. But I knew one thing for sure – I could not continue to live knowing that I was truly a sinner and separated from God.  If I refused to repent of my sins and  live by faith I knew I would miss out on experiencing real life.

The Apostle Paul said the Law was given; “That every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God” (Romans 3:19).  The Law stops every man’s mouth. I can always tell a man who is near the kingdom of God; his mouth is stopped.  This then, is why God gives us the Law, to show us ourselves in our true colors.”  D.L. Moody.