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A Quarter For Your Thoughts!

Posted by richieg on August 28, 2013
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bth_Picture237-3  Several years ago, a preacher from out-of-state accepted a call to a church in Houston, Texas.  Some weeks after he arrived, he had an occasion to ride the bus from his home to the downtown area.  When he sat down, he discovered that the driver had accidentally given him a quarter too much change.  As he considered what to do, he thought to himself, ‘You’d better give the quarter back.  It would be wrong to keep it.’  Then he thought, ‘Oh, forget it, it’s only a quarter.  Who would worry about this little amount?  Anyway, the bus company gets too much fare; they will never miss it.  Accept it as a ‘gift from God’ and keep it quiet.’

When his stop came, he paused momentarily at the door, and then he handed the quarter to the driver and said, ‘Here, you gave me too much change….’  The driver, with a smile, replied, ‘Arent’t you the new preacher in town?  ‘Yes’ he replied.  ‘Well, I have been thinking a lot lately about going somewhere to worship.  I just wanted to see what you would do if I gave you too much change,  I’ll see you at church on Sunday.’

When the preacher stepped off of the bus, he literally grabbed the nearest light pole, held on, and said, ‘Oh God, I almost sold your Son for a quarter.’  Our lives are the only Bible some people will ever read.  This is an example of how much people watch us as Christians, and will put us to the test!  Always be on guard, and remember, You carry the name of Christ

Thoughts become words  –  Words become actions  –  Actions become habits  –  Habits become character  –  Character becomes our destiny

Cruise Control Or Power From On High?

Posted by richieg on August 26, 2013
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cruisecontrolAs a believer, have you ever started your day by telling yourself that your going to be kind to everyone you meet.  Then on the way to work someone cuts you off, nearly causing an accident.  You yell and wave your fist at the other driver.  That’s the end of your “kind day” and you didn’t even get to work yet!   The fact is that none of us are very successful in changing our behavior, are we?  As long as we are trying to do it in our own strength, we will eventually fail.  We have good intentions, but our sinful nature wins the day all too often.

Our strength lies in what the Apostle Paul said:  “So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature.  For the sinful nature desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the sinful nature.  They are in conflict with each other, so that you do not do what you want.  But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under law.”

When we are comfortable doing things the old way, our lives are much more difficult and much less effective for the kingdom of God than they otherwise could be.  You may ask: “Haven’t I been baptized in the Holy Spirit when I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and shouldn’t the Holy Spirit be taking over automatically?”  When we become saved it’s not a matter of “cruise conrtol.”  Sure, we can cruise all the way to heaven if we desire, because believers received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and were baptized into the body of Christ; but how about a Spirit filled life that’s makes a difference for the kingdom of God?

Being filled by the Holy Spirit is as simple as asking and receiving.  You can do that now, right where you are.  Ask Jesus, our wonderful Lord and Savior, to baptize you in he Holy Spirit right now.  This act releases within believers the supernatural empowerment to do all that God calls us to do.  Remember “believers” were baptized in the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2), with Philip in Samaria (Acts 8), and in the apostle Paul’s ministry in Ephesus (Acts 19.)

Bread and Cheese Delivery!

Posted by richieg on August 12, 2013
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bth_BasketofBreadCheeseThe Israelites and Philistines had agreed to each send a warrior who would represent their nation.  The defeated warrior would commit his entire nation to become servants to the other nation.  It would be an understatement to say that a whole lot was riding on this one fight.  And who does God send to represent Israel?  God sends probably the most under qualified person anyone could think of, he sends a shepherd boy who was not even a soldier in the army of Israel!

The shepherd boy whom God sent was a teenage boy named David who had ended up at the battlefield because he was delivering bread and cheese to his brothers who were in the army.  David found himself standing on the battlefield as Israel’s representative against the haughty Goliath.  From delivering bread and cheese, he was now called upon to deliver the entire nation of Israel.

David was in the right place at the right time because he humbled himself and submitted to his father’s instructions to deliver bread and cheese to his brothers.  This story in God’s Word teaches about submission to God-appointed leadership.  There is nothing glamorous about delivering bread and cheese, but David did not dispise it..  And that put him right in the valley of Elah.  This is what God loves to do.  He loves to take the foolish and weak things to shame the wise and mighty things of the world.  When you are faithful to carry out small tasks assigned to you, God’s  favor is released in your life and you might just find yourself doing great exploits for God!

Source: Joseph Prince, 100 Days of Favor

I am God’s favorite!

Posted by richieg on August 09, 2013
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thCAM7ZSIO  Look at yourself in the mirror every morning and declare boldly, “Because of Jesus’ perfect work on the cross, I am righteous by His blood, and I am greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved! I expect good things to come my way, I expect good success and I have a confident expectation of good!”

Joseph Prince,  100 Days of Favor

The Power Of The Law

Posted by richieg on August 07, 2013
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cross02“I do not believe that any man can preach the gospel who does not preach the Law…Lower the Law and you dim the light by which man perceives his guilt; this is a very serious loss to the sinner rather than gain; for it lessens the likelihood of his conviction and conversion.  I say you have deprived the gospel of its ablest auxiliary (its most powerful weapon) when you have set aside the Law.

You have taken away from it the schoolmaster that is to bring men to Christ…They will never accept grace till they tremble before a just and holy Law.  Therefore the Law serves a most necessary purpose, and it must not be removed from its place.”   – Charles Spurgeon