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A thought while standing on the street corner…

Posted by richieg on July 03, 2013
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images Ever stand on a street corner and just take in all in, I mean pondering what we see.  Looking up into God’s majestic sky, the trees and grass and a gentle breeze makes me feel that I am a part of something that is really special.  I mean this earth just suspended out there in space and me just standing here without a thing to say about how it all works.  And then I ponder man’s contribution; He made all the buildings I see, the streets and all the cars too.  And then I think of all of man’s accomplishments and I am really amazed at all he has achieved.  But then my mind drifts back to that simple tree I see before me, and I know man could never be it’s maker.  You can learn quite a bit by just standing on the street corner and pondering what you see without even one word spoken….